Thursday, January 30

buying software.....

Let's talk about the software buying experience. If you go out tonite and buy a television and when you get home it does not work, you take it back, they apologize for the inconvenience and give you a new one. Done. Now, buy software online. I recently bought a video editing program. It did not work. I sent a very kind email asking for help. I got NO RESPONSE. I sent another, I got NO RESPONSE. I went to their forum, asked if anyone wanted to join me in suing the company, and got an INSTANT RESPONSE. Of course it took two weeks and three phone calls to actually get the new discs shipped to me.

I then bought an e-mail client. All premium features work, save one. When I use that feature it tells me that I should buy the premium version that I just bought. I sent and e-mail for support and am still waiting on that one. Tomorrow I will call the President of their company who may finally get someone to pay attention to a paying customer.

I recently paid for Blogger Pro. There is a problem right now with the titles that should be above these little rants not showing up. Before that there was a problem with the ad remaining at the top of the page. I am asking for my money back. Because of a couple of niggling problems??? NO! Because I received an e-mail tersely telling me to file an issue at the support page after I ALREADY HAD! Then when I got out to the support page it had this nice box that said "We notice you are a free blogger user..." REALLY??? Then what the hell did I pay for??? They don't even have the decency to recognize that you paid for the non-working product!

It is truly exasperating. All I ask is to be treated with a little courtesy and respect. All I ask is that someone actually read the e-mail I send to support before commenting on it. Is that really too much to ask???


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